From Itoigawa at the northern end of the Northern Japan Alps The Secrets of “Wabisabi”100% Pure WASABI

Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture, at the northern end of the Northern Japan Alps is blessed
with mineral-rich clear underground water flowing from the Japan Alps.
It is ideal for growing large-size Mazuma wasabi of the highest quality.
Mazuma wasabi powder (Wabisabi), manufactured via our original process, is easy and handy to cook
with and preserve, making it an ideal cooking ingredient for professional use.

Of the many wasabi varieties, Mazuma wasabi, renowned for the highest quality, is used as Wabisabi’s raw material - no substitute wasabi varieties or materials whatsoever are used. The use of 100% Mazuma wasabi is guaranteed. It is totally different from other powdered or tubed wasabi that are commonly found in the marketplace. Safe and worry-free, we maintain a stable supply of Wabisabi - through the Tokyo Central Market - to high-class Japanese restaurants and famous sushi shops.

The Secret of our Cultivation Method

We raise the prized Mazuma wasabi using our patented greenhouse cultivation system.
We pump in the clear and mineral-rich underground water, which has naturally been filtered through the volcanic-ash stratum of Mt. Yakeyama, an active volcano at the northern end of
the Northern Japan Alps.
We then sprinkle the correct amount of this water over each one of the settled young plants,
24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
The wasabi plants grow healthy in the greenhouse, the environment of which is ideally controlled
for raising wasabi throughout the four seasons.
Thanks to such special care, our wasabi plants mature at a rate several times faster
than those raised on conventional wasabi beds.

The Secret of our Raw Material

The Mazuma wasabi plant grown under our system differs from the commonly known wasabi plant.
Instead, it has a root stock that produces five to ten stems of wasabi.
Our company has developed the expertise and capacity to stably produce large quantities of high-quality, large-size Mazuma wasabi year round, which has enabled us to commercialize the world’s first pure wasabi in powder form.

The Secret of our Production Method

The aroma and pungency peculiar to wasabi are vulnerable to heat.
As such, we developed and employ an original process whereby the wasabi is dried slowly at low temperatures to prevent its cell membrane from deterioration due to friction heat.
This led to the success of powdering wasabi in micron units.
The result is our renowned “Wabisabi” or pure wasabi in powder form, allowing the aroma, sweetness, pungency and color of the authentic Mazuma wasabi to come back to life simply by mixing the powder with water.

As an authentic ingredient,
it can be used in diverse ways

By simply mixing the powder with water, fresh and 100% authentic wasabi comes back to life.
Thanks to its outstanding aroma, pungency, sweetness and color,
Wabisabi can be used in diverse ways: in sauces, jellies and dips...
no matter what the cooking category may be.

The Secret of Usage

Wabisabi comes in aluminum packs which can keep the contents fresh for one year at normal temperatures.
When it’s time to use wasabi, simply open it and mix the powder with water at the ratio of 1 to 1.
Your fresh wasabi is ready! By increasing the amount of water, you can create a wasabi-based dip or sauce.
Since Wabisabi can be easily mixed with mayonnaise or olive oil, you can use it not only for Japanese cooking but also with Western and Chinese dishes as well as sweets.

How to Prepare Wabisabi

Just add water to the desired amount of Wabisabi powder and knead it into paste, and wait 7-10 minutes.
Waiting will give it a chance to bring out the sharp, pungent flavor of wasabi.
Wabisabi sauce can be made by kneading Wabisabi with a little more water.

Serving Suggestions

〈With Sashimi or Sushi〉 Add just enough Wabisabi to sashimi or sushi to lend some of wasabi’s distinctive burn and flavor.

〈With Meat〉 Adding a little Wabisabi to grilled meat, chicken, or steak can help reduce “greasy” flavors and really bring out the best of the meat.

〈With Noodles or Pasta〉 Great with Japanese noodle dishes like soba or udon, or as a secret ingredient in pasta dishes.

〈With Cheese〉 Try mixing Wabisabi paste with cream cheese and using it as a dip or for canapés! Wabisabi also goes great with pizza and other cheesy foods.

〈In Mayonnaise or Dressing〉 Add Wabisabi paste to mayonnaise or salad dressing for a new twist on familiar flavors!


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